title:'Zimbabwean Art and the artists'

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For every Zimbabwean artist there is a space on this site. If we get a biography, a portret picture, and some pictures of your artwork, we will place your entries on the site. It is your opportunity to show your work to the world. In the biography we need at least the following:
      - full name, potential artists name
      - date of birth
      - place of birth
      - why did you become an artist?
      - who where your teachers?
      - tell something about your life
      - do you have favorite objects or materials?
      - did you win awards?
      - where are you working now?
      - did you do workshops or did you attend expositions abroad?
It looks like a lot of information, but you will see that it is the information customers need to know. With this information they will get to know you, and that will help them to understand the proces and history of the art you are making. If you can not write a little story, just answer the questions above, than we will put the biography together.

Pictures need to be in a high resolution, there for we will use dropbox (free to download) to share the pictures. You can send the links provided by dropbox together with information above in an e-mail, please use the link below. The pictures must be copyright free, we publish them on the website. Our service to you is free, so we do not want trouble about, and bills for the published pictures. We also need your e-mail address, so we can get in contact with you. This information will not be published, and we will not provide other people with your contact information. Only if you give us an written approval, we will pass this information to others.

For any questions or to send your entry, use this link.   

If you are on the site, please send us an update every now and than, so the information about you will stay up to date.

Selling art on this site

We want to give artists the opportunity to sell work on the website. To do that we need to make some very important agreements. It is hard to do that on the site, so if you want to sell, we need to have personal contact. If you decide to put your profile on this site, please tell me if you want more information about selling. I will send you a document with my toughts about this cooperation, than we can see if we can get to an agreement and if we will start selling.
This site was created, to give the art and artists of Zimbabwe, the recognition they deserve.
This site is made by: Drs. C.D.M. Rijerkerk.    to send me a message.
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