title:'Zimbabwean Art and the artists'


All the prices on this site are target prices . We made a great effort in calculating the prices, but there is always a possibility to negociate. Do you see an object you realy want to buy, please send us your offer. We will react to every offer, but unreasonable offers will not be accepted. A fair offer, will sertainly lead to a negotiation, and a reasonable price for all. If you send us your offer, please take in consideration that every piece is unique and handmade, you will never find an other piece like this.

Shipping costs

The shipping costs will vary, due to weight of the piece, insurance, distance and country. Before you put an offer on a piece, please inquire about the shipping costs. We will calculate the costs for you and than we can see if we will be able to get an agreement about the total price including the shippingcosts and packaging. Of course an inquiery will not obligate you to buy.


When we will reach an agreement, and you will buy one of our products, we will provide you with the payment information. We only use bank payments, so no creditcard, or other online payment methodes. As soon as we get the information of the bank that the payment is done, we will send the product. If possible we will provide you with te information the transport company sends us.
This site was created, to give the art and artists of Zimbabwe, the recognition they deserve.
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