title:'Zimbabwean Art and the artists'

Special assignments

Did you see some nice sculptures at this site, but you want something different, it is possible to order something special. Do you have your own design, or do you need a sculpture for a special occasion, we can help you to find an artist that can make this for you. We already have contact with many artists, who want to make your dream come true.

You can choose an artist who has a style you particularly like, or you can ask for a design from more than one artist, and see what design you like best. Give us a story or an event, and see who has the most creative design. The possibilities are almost limitless.

A price for a special order is not easy to calculate. We need to negociate with the artist, transport and pakaging need to be arranged, the needed time for delivery has to be clear. transport by boat is cheaper than by air, but by boat it takes much more time for delivery. Of course the reputation of the artist will affect the price a lot.

Before we realy order a sculpture, there must be an agreement about all the above. Only than we can meet the expectations, and will everyone be happy.

Most of the artist we know are working in stone. Do you want an other kind of artwork, in other materials, we will be able to find that for you. There are very talented painters or artists who work with wood or metal.

Do you have further questions, or do you want to order a special assignment, please ask.

This site was created, to give the art and artists of Zimbabwe, the recognition they deserve.
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